Building Gift Cards 2.0 on Block Chain Technology

Our Vision

We see the block chain as the next platform for gift card assets.

Our <span>Vision</span> Our <span>Vision</span>


One-time-use addresses and intelligent transaction co-signing secure access and ensure compliance.

Our <span>Vision</span> Our <span>Vision</span>


Gift cards are prepaid channels that afford efficient use of the block chain and instant confirmations.

Our <span>Vision</span> Our <span>Vision</span>

AnywhereOn any device

One open protocol for transactions in any asset between any two device whether in-store, in-app or web, via NFC or barcode.

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End-to-end capabilities

  • Issue

    • Issue prepaid cards as digitally scarce assets secured by multi-signature
    • Enforce merchant terms and jurisdiction compliance rules
    • Control staff access to key treasury functions, set limits & alerts
    • Monitor activity, track liabilities & sales, easily import into your enterprise accounting system
  • Transfer

    • Buy & sell prepaid assets from any authorized reseller or buyer
    • Implement digital prepaid assets support in your store or marketplace
    • Use a single API for prepaid asset delivery & payment
  • Redeem

    • Provide a one-tap push-redemption experience across devices
    • Integrate with legacy card redemption pull methods
    • Implement digital prepaid assets support in your wallet
    • Leverage wallet discoverability to support secure send directly to the gift receiver’s wallet
End-to-end <span>capabilities</span> End-to-end <span>capabilities</span>

Open Protocol

We use Bitcoin standards and the Open Assets Protocol.

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